About Us

Galaxia International is a Money Transfer Company, Check cashing and Currency Exchange business, We are pioneers in money transfer, helping the New York and New Jersey Community since the year 2000.

We provice a secure way to send money from your loved ones worlwide - and we'll make sure that your money gets to where it's needed quickly

Choice and convenience.

Our diversity of agents and locations gives our clients the choice and convenience offering extended hours so you can send money at a time that's convenient to you.

Why choose Galaxia International?.

- It's Quick your money is where it's needed within 24 Hours.

- It's Convenient With our quality transfer agents around the the world, you're never have to worry about your transfer.

- It's available to everyone You don't need a bank account or credit card.

- It's Easy Just visit one of our locations and complete one simple form.

- It's Personal and confidential.